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Donovan Paulino

General Manager

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Donovan Paulino is the General Manager of Guam Pak Express. He brings a unique blend of experience and commitment to his role. Dedicated to total quality management, his focus is creating a competitive edge in the mobility, logistics, and transportation industries.


Beginning his employment with Guam Pak Express in 2009, Donovan has held the roles of Quality Assurance Director and Business Capture and Development Manager. His responsibilities have spanned from ensuring top-tier quality standards to setting customer service benchmarks and managing account services.


Before joining Guam Pak Express, Donovan played a pivotal role in the startup company Tropical Shine in Guam. As General Manager from 2005 to 2010, he led the company to achieve over $350,000 in annual sales in just four years.


Donovan served as an Assistant Manager at Vito’s Italian Restaurant in Seattle, WA, where he increased monthly food and beverage sales by 65% and grew nightclub sales by 35%. He also worked as a Sales Representative at K-Designers in Seattle, WA, expanding territorial sales by 40% and receiving the company's highest sales award for two consecutive years.


Donovan attended Father Duenas Memorial School, the University of Guam, Lane Community College in Oregon, and Seattle Central in Washington. He previously held a real estate license during the early upward trends in Guam’s housing market. His interests are diverse, including environmental challenges, music, family, cars, and real estate.


His leadership at Guam Pak Express continues to drive the company’s growth and productivity.

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