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Office Moves

Office move? That’s our business.

The vast experience of the Guam Pak team in commercial office 

moves, furniture distribution and installation, and last mile logistics ensures that your move is professional, smooth and cost-effective. 

No wonder some of the biggest names in business count on us for:

  • Office Moves. We begin each project by meeting with your move team to discuss schedules, inventory, scope and budget. Your project team will then conduct an extensive site survey prior to the move to accurately determine the cost, time and labor required for the relocation, paying close attention to the computers and peripherals that are the backbone of your business.

  • Furniture Delivery and Placement. From start to finish we coordinate with you, providing checklists, schedules, final walk-throughs—and more—to ensure a smooth, professional move to your new office space.

  • Last Mile Logistics. For many businesses, the move from the warehouse or transportation hub to your final destination – the Last Mile of your move – is the most crucial, especially if your relocation is interstate or requires vast storage capabilities. We have the experience, facilities and diverse array of innovative solutions that make us the perfect resource for the last leg of your relocation. Our service features Consolidation and Warehousing, Inventory Management & Delivery Sequencing and Unpacking, Installation and Assembly for all your office equipment needs.​

“Everything was packed and secured quickly, neatly, and safely. They had me examine every step, which I liked.  Everything was done in one day and I had time to do more with other aspects of my packout.”

Douglas O., August 2019
Guam Pak Secure Shredding & Destruction
Guam Pak Furniture Installations Guam
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