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You like to move it move it? We like to... MOVE IT!
  • After all, movers & REALTORS do have a similar objective: To help someone transition to a new home.

  • But this is just one of the many similarities these two very well known service industries have in common. When movers and realtors come together, they form a network that benefits both sides of the spectrum.

  • Should a realtor partner with a mover? Here's why you should partner with Guam Pak. 

More clients

  • As with most service industries, realtors rely greatly on referrals. A partnership between a mover and a realtor is a great referral system to bring in more clients.

  • A service provider with a network of support is highly sought after, as they ultimately become a one-stop shop for consumers. Nowadays, people are looking for realtors that can help them with much more than just buying their dream home.

They want recommendations for the best!

  • Restaurants in town, good schools, and much more, when choosing a good real estate agent.

  • It should also come as no surprise that a good realtor is one that gets their clients in touch with a trustworthy and reliable, local moving company.

  • After all, the biggest factor of transitioning to a new home is the actual move itself, which is a complicated process in itself.

Your clients will always remember

  • By getting your clients in touch with good movers, you are looking after them throughout the entire process of changing home, which inevitably shows them you care a great deal about their happiness.

  • Your customers will value you for your knowledge and dedication, word will spread, and new clients will surely follow. Your clients will always remember how you were able to help them from every angle, and will only consider you for the job in the future.

  • Therefore, one of the main benefits of a realtor partnering with a mover is the increased capability of retaining existing clients and getting referrals for new ones.

Increase your success as a realtor

  • As a realtor, the best way to increase your success is through successful partnerships. One of such partnerships should be with a local moving company. In fact, a solid connection with trusted movers is one of the main partnerships you need to have in your network.

  • Not only will you increase your exposure, your reputation as being trustworthy and reliable will also increase.

  • Nobody wants to deal with an impersonal realtor, who has very little guidance to offer his or her clients.

  • By expanding your network, you are letting your clients know you are a reliable source that won’t let them down.

Choosing the right movers to develop your network

  • As an experienced and knowledgeable realtor, you out of all people should know that not all moving companies are the same. In fact, that is the reason your clients will be so happy to learn of your connections, because it saves them time and potentially money of hiring movers on their own.

  • But most importantly, they will feel safe and in good hands because you have recommended a moving company you trust. Developing a professional relationship with reputable movers is paramount not only for your career as a realtor but also your reputation.

  • Your reputation as a trustworthy realtor is greatly affected by your associations. If you associate yourself with a dishonest moving company, then you’re ultimately harming yourself.

  • If your clients have a really bad experience with a company you recommended, despite of how well you treated them, the chances of retention or referral gets greatly diminished.

  • You must partner with one of the best local movers and develop a business relationship, only then will you be able to profit from such connection. The important factor to take away here is that your partnership with movers will have a reflection on you, so make sure it is of positive nature.

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