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Asset Management

At Guam Pak, we believe that an effective asset management solution should feel like an extension of your own company. This means that you should know where your assets are at all times and be able to access them when you wish. We offer asset and document collection, storage and retrieval solutions that blend with your requirements to create a seamless solution.


Our Asset Management Services at a glance:

  • Collection and secure transportation of your assets, documents, cartons, files or electronic media

  • All transportation is undertaken using vehicles from our company fleet

  • Next Day or Urgent retrieval service levels to meet your needs

  • Flexible retrieval via our online system 24/7

  • Secure disposal of your assets or records - shred, recycle or destroy upon request

GPX Guam Pak Secure Shredding & Destruction

Find out more about how we store your documents.

Securely store, manage, and access confidential assets and records in climate-controlled storage facilities.  Record storage in offsite storage facilities allows you to manage paper documents, electronic records, media, tapes, and other data with access whenever you need it.


GPX's document storage solutions can be adapted to fit your company’s records management needs. Our records and information management (RIM) specialists work with you to identify documents to move to our secure offsite records storage facilities. Your information is classified based on your requirements, tracked with RFID labels, and accessible through our records management software, VitalWeb.

GPX offers multiple storage facilities in Guam that are enabled to provide records storage services and information management solutions with the local service you deserve.

Internal File Relocation

Our Guam Pak team of experts will help keep things organized and speed up the process of relocating the storage rooms of bulk files. Whether you’re relocating files to a new office, or from one storage area or warehouse to another, our trained and insured staff is here to help.

File Relocation services are available for a variety of organizations including:

  • Businesses and professional services companies

  • Libraries and Archival Facilities

  • Laboratories

  • Healthcare Facilities and more

External File Relocation


If your company is looking to relocate files off-site and out of your active file storage areas, Guam Pak will pick up files for secure transport and refiling at your new location. Additionally, we offer secure off-site storage solutions in our warehouse facility. 

What to expect from Guam Pak's document management services:

  • Emergency retrieval and vaulted data storage

  • Reduced storage costs​

  • Secure storage facilities, environment controlled storage available

  • Friendly, knowledgeable team ready to help

  • Highly-screened staff with comprehensive background checks

  • Specially trained and criminal-background checked to adhere to HIPAA compliance


Storage Room Full?

Learn how much you can save by storing your documents with Guam Pak Express

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