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“Entire team at Guam Pak was very courteous and helpful.  Everyone was very clear in how the move was to be conducted.  Easy to coordinate times and the team was prompt for show times.  I was very impressed that all members of the team worked consistently very hard and efficiently all day.  Great care was put into getting this move done carefully and quickly.  I would highly recommend this team to anyone.  Thanks so much!”  


Daniel T., July, 2019


“Guam Pak team provided excellent service.  They ensured that all items were packed and loaded successfully.  Outstanding service. Courtesy and attitude was outstanding.  They did excellent work placing items into containers and boxes identified with an inventory tag. Outstanding overall!”


Mark B., November, 2017



“The team at Guam Pak was very professional and passionate about their work.  They were very careful and considerate of my belongings.  They finished very quickly and were clean.”

Ronell V. July 2018



based on customer ratings from Jan. 2018 - March 2020


2018 Testimonials

“Excellent Service Overall”

Evangeline A. Oct 2018


“Very pleased with quality and timeliness of job”

Shelby C. Nov 2018


“Great team! Very professional, caring, and prompt”

Daniel C. June 2018

“We were really pleased with the way the crew handled our belongings”

Jeremy C. July 2018

“Very thorough.  Great customer service.  Thank you for the good service and crew”

Roxanne G. August 2018


“The packing was very professional and I would request them if I was moving on or off island again”
Zachary H. August 2018

“The team had a great attitude. Did an awesome job. They all arrived on time which made my day a very easy one”

Kevin H. August 2018


“The team treated us like family.  They moved our stuff with care. Would move with them again”

Mark K November 2018


“They went above and beyond. Great team.”

Kieran L. September 2018


“Very outstanding job by all crew.  I'm very pleased for their hard work.  Very satisfied”

Avelino R. May 2018


 “Very hardworking and got everything done in a good amount of time”

Jamie R. October 2018


 “Packer and Movers were courteous and respectful. Excellent service”

Albert S. Ocotber 2018

2017 Testimonials


“Great service.  Crew members were patient and awaited my arrival”

Diamond H. May 2017


“Everything was packed and secured quickly, neatly, and safely. They had me examine every step, which I liked.  Everything was done in one day and I had time to do more with other aspects of my packout.”

Douglas O. August 2017


“Very quick and careful packing.  Very professional team. Great team!  I heard horror stories of people packing til 1 am with other companies, but we were done by 4:00 pm and everything made it out on time.”

Ryan O June 2017

”Best packout and crew I’ve had in my 14 years with the Navy.  Professional/Efficient/Friendly.”

Steven P. July 2017


“Quick and organized. Excellent.”

Frank R. December 2017

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