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Moving Checklist

Preparing to move? Our moving checklist makes it easier.

With so much to do, moves can get complicated. Use the GPE handy moving checklist to keep it all orderly, manageable—and on time.


Two months before the move.

  • Schedule an appointment with Guam Pak Express to visit your home, develop a personalized move plan and provide a written estimate.


One month before the move.

  • Notify others that you are moving by completing a U.S. Post Office change of address form. Also, change your address with your bank, insurance company, credit card accounts, magazine subscriptions, etc.

  • Notify doctors, attorneys and accountants and have them forward your personal records to new professional team members, if necessary.

  • Confirm with your utilities when service should be disconnected.

  • Review every room in your home to determine what will make the move with you—and what won’t. Consider having a garage sale or donating items to charity. Then start packing. Refer to our packing tips for help.

The day before moving day.

  • Unplug your electrical appliances 24 hours prior to your move so they will be at room temperature when our movers arrive.

  • Label the items or boxes you would like delivered first when our truck arrives at your new home.

Moving day.

  • Be on hand to ensure that all of your items and boxes are loaded onto our truck. Once done, make a final tour through your home to be sure nothing was missed.

  • Determine that all utilities have been turned off.

  • Before our truck departs, provide the operator with a phone number where you can be reached.

  • Be available at your new home to provide any direction to our movers.

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