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Here at Guam Pak, we believe that great results come from great collaboration, great teamwork and great people and we will keep building on our mission and the four company values:


Drive, Quality, Integrity, People.


This is our DNA, and it continues to be the basis for everything we do.

Leadership Team

Sandra Paulino

Sandra Paulino, President of GPX, is a dedicated professional with a passion for quality, service excellence, and customer satisfaction. With a strong background in operations management, Sandra has a firm understanding of the budgeting process, which she leverages to enhance operational effectiveness, control costs, and eliminate waste.

Sandra earned a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Guam.  

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Donovan Paulino

General Manager

Donovan Paulino is the General Manager of Guam Pak Express. He brings a unique blend of experience and commitment to his role. Dedicated to total quality management, his focus is creating a competitive edge in the mobility, logistics, and transportation industry.


Beginning his employment with Guam Pak Express in 2009, Donovan has held the roles of Quality Assurance Director and Business Capture and Development Manager. His responsibilities have spanned from ensuring top-tier quality standards to setting customer service benchmarks and managing account services.

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James “Jerry” M. Paulino, is at the heart of Business Development & Sales at Guam Pak Express, bringing a wealth of experience from various professional backgrounds. From 2003 to the present day, Jerry has established himself as a successful Real Estate Broker at Realty Partners Guam, an affiliated company of Guam Pak Express. He coordinates property closings, works with developers on selling strategies, and manages existing properties for maximum returns. 


His focus on integrity, ethics, and professionalism has led him to create a referral-based business that assists new clients on successful buying and selling practices.

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James “Jerry” Paulino

Business Development & Sales

Steffany Paulino

Assistant General Manager, Administration, Finance / Accounting and Human Resources

Steffany is responsible for developing and managing benefits strategies that reward Guam Pak's people and help them provide for themselves and their families. She is also charged with managing the policies and programs needed to keep a widely distributed organization operating as one unified global team.


Steffany earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Guam. She has worked at The Tax Shelter, sister company to GPX, where she developed her leadership and business skills.

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Tony Diaz

Assistant General Manager, Moving/Facilities & Equipment Maintenance

Tony Diaz, a dedicated veteran and accomplished professional, brings a wealth of experience to his role as Assistant General Manager, Moving/Facilities & Equipment Maintenance at Guam Pak Express. His career spans various industries and roles, demonstrating his adaptability and leadership skills.


In his role at Guam Pak Express, Tony oversees the strategy for the company's physical operations. He develops standard operating procedures, establishes key performance indicators for operational execution, and ensures compliance with customer-specific service level agreements. He also heads the company's operations for a federal contract, supervises the operations, and manages the employment and release of personnel across all departments.

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Robert Paulino

Assistant General Manager, Asset Management and Storage

Robert Paulino currently serves as the Assistant General Manager,  Asset Management and Storage at Guam Pak Express. 


At Guam Pak Express, Robert manages daily operations in Asset Management, Third-Party Logistics, and Records Storage and Destruction. He ensures staff are thoroughly trained and adhere to the protocols of the National Association of Information Destruction and HIPPA guidelines. Prior to this, he coordinated freight clearance and delivery services, working closely with clients to ensure smooth customs and delivery processes.

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