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Tony Diaz

Assistant General Manager, Moving / Facilities & Equipment Maintenance

Tony Diaz, a dedicated veteran and accomplished professional, brings a wealth of experience to his role as Assistant General Manager, Moving/Facilities & Equipment Maintenance at Guam Pak Express. His career spans various industries and roles, demonstrating his adaptability and leadership skills.


In his role at Guam Pak Express, Tony oversees the strategy for the company's physical operations. He develops standard operating procedures, establishes key performance indicators for operational execution, and ensures compliance with customer-specific service level agreements. He also heads the company's operations for a federal contract, supervises the operations, and manages the employment and release of personnel across all departments.


Before joining Guam Pak Express, Tony was Office Manager at Fleet Services, Inc., where he directed the administrative operations of a 60-person transportation company, ensuring compliance with federal regulations. 


In his role as Deputy Director at the Department of Public Works, Government of Guam, he managed the administrative operations of over 500 personnel and six divisions.


Tony served as the Assistant General Manager at Guam Mass Transit Authority, where he oversaw the operational and administrative functions of Guam's public transportation system. This role involved implementing control measures to address budget shortfalls, overseeing annual audits, investigating complaints, developing budgets, and more. His leadership saw the development of the first comprehensive rules and regulations governing public transit operations in Guam.


Tony has on several occasions held different roles at the Office of the Governor of Guam. In 1998, he was instrumental to the planning and coordinating public transportation for President Clinton’s visit. After Super-Typhoon Omar in 1992, Tony was contracted to support the operation, management, and logistics of a Tent City, a temporary housing solution for civilians displaced by the disaster. He collaborated closely with FEMA to collect and compile data, and prepared an After Action Report to highlight potential issues and preventative measures for future disaster relief operations.


Tony served in the United States Army with distinction and retired as a Major. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Armor Branch and held various leadership roles, including Company Commander and Civil Affairs Operations Officer. He was recognized for his service with multiple awards, including the Meritorious Service Medal for his exemplary performance in different roles and the Army Commendation Medal for his outstanding duty performance. Tony also achieved the rank of Specialist Five during his enlisted service.


Tony holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from American Technological University and pursued several business classes at Chaminade College, Cochise College, and the University of Guam. He has also completed numerous training programs and seminars, including a Federal Government Contracting Seminar and an Emergency Management Operations Course.


Tony Diaz, with his extensive experience and dedication, is an essential part of the Guam Pak Express leadership. His journey showcases his adaptability, resilience, and commitment to service.

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