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Warehousing & Distribution
Maximize your efficiency and supercharge your supply chain
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Guam Pak Pallet Racking System

Warehouse storage and distribution for companies on the move

If you want to develop and build a company, having your assets and products where they need to be is a necessity. 

Today, solutions in the supply chain need to have four critical qualities: versatility, precision, efficiency and creative  design. You need a partner who prioritizes customer loyalty to meet the demands of today's market climate.

The value of the service we offer goes beyond inventory management and beyond supply chain visibility.  Strategic location means our warehouses are near local ports. We are part of a carefully planned network that can best meet our customers’ inbound/outbound transport needs, from just-in-time manufacturing requirements, their last mile delivery, their after sales logistics or their reverse logistics.

We provide bonded and highly specialized warehousing as part of an integrated clean room or temperature controlled supply chain. And, of course, a whole range of value added services for manufacturers and retailers.

GPX operates, ships and treats vehicles, materials, and freight expertly for customers around the world. The receipt,  inventory tracking and distribution of assets of all sizes and amounts is assisted by our multinational network of  warehouse storage, stock processing and fulfillment  services. We have the ability to develop streamlined solutions  tailored to the needs of our customers.

For decades, the region’s top technology companies and hospitals, as well as U.S. and foreign government agencies and offices, have relied on the expertise of Guam Pak for their warehouse storage and distribution needs thanks to our impeccable service and the peace of mind offered by our trained & uniformed full-time moving and storage professionals who are background-checked and drug-screened before they ever touch your assets.

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