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Storage Services

GPX is a moving—and storage—company.

Perhaps you’re ready to move, but your new home isn’t. Or, you want to declutter your current home as you prepare it for sale. Perhaps you are not  moving at all but you are renovating your home and your furniture needs  temporary security. Our short-term or long-term solutions provide simple,  secure, and inexpensive ways to protect things away from your home, to meet whatever your storage demands are: 

  • Over 50,000 square feet of clean, modern storage space within Guam. 

  • Twenty-four-hour security monitoring.

  • State-of-the-art temperature-controlled facilities protect your goods.

  • Computerized storage information system quickly tracks where your items are located.

  • Mobile storage containers available.

  • Palletized storage containers protect goods off the ground.

  • Fine art storage or staging storage for interior designers. 

And, unlike other moving and storage companies, GPX can put your belongings in your own individualized storage containers at your home, providing further protection since this eliminates double or triple handling. We can store your containers with care in our clean and modern warehouse facilities.

“The entire team at Guam Pak was very courteous and helpful.  Everyone was very clear in how the move was to be conducted.  Easy to coordinate times and the team was prompt for show times.  I was very impressed that all members of the team worked consistently very hard and efficiently all day.  Great care was put into getting this move done carefully and quickly.  I would highly recommend this team to anyone.  Thanks so much!” 

Daniel T. - July 2019
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