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Steffany Paulino

Assistant General Manager, Administration, Finance / Accounting and Human Resources

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Steffany is responsible for developing and managing benefits strategies that reward Guam Pak's people and help them provide for themselves and their families. She is also charged with managing the policies and programs needed to keep a widely distributed organization operating as one unified global team.


Steffany earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Guam. She has worked at The Tax Shelter, sister company to GPX, where she developed her leadership and business skills.


Steff’s focus with Human Resources brings importance in recruiting and retaining talented workers. Her role with GPX includes overseeing accounting, Human Resources, and administration functions. Steff has helped to implement benefits to GPX employees with discounts on fuel, healthcare coverage, a 401 K retirement plan, and life insurance products.   

 Her management style emphasizes valuing each employee by giving them the tools to succeed and opening opportunities that expand their skills. Steff keeps an open-door policy to staff which makes the work atmosphere productive. She welcomes good ideas and looks for ways to keep the company forward thinking. 

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